Pa what’s next 

After highschool I want to take year off and Try to save as much money as I can. Then I want to go to red river and become an education assistant. The reason for that is because I want to work with kids and I love the interact with people I think I have good social skills and that can really go well in this profession. I’ve Also wanted to become an EA because I can’t get back in a school and hopefully become a coach for basketball team. Another great way to help and be apart of the game I love and help young kids mature and learn just how I once did. I don’t know how I’m going to do all f this but I’m ready for the challenge.


Pa 14 what’s next 

Tomorrow the last day of highschool and there so many emotions I’m feeling right now it’s crazy. I’m sad that my life won’t be the same I won’t see my friends as much I won’t play husky basketball anymore, I’m going to miss some teachers and just being at sturgeon was an amazing time. I’ve meet a lot of people and good teacherss and there’s a big part of me that doesent want this to end. I love highschool and it was a great time for me. But there is a little part tha I feel like I won’t find out who I truely am untill after highschool when I’m tested in the real world. I know there’s going to be challenges on the way but I’m ready for those chanllengs. Sometimes I wish there was a re set button so I can redo grade 13 but as mr tackie said time waits for no man.

My bucket list authors note

Hi my name is Kim Mompepe. I’m here to exsplain to you how doing my bucket list before I die helped me learn more about myself. After taking a look at my bucket list I realized that a lot of the things on my list were realated to basketball and the main theme in my 50 things before I for were related to baskeball in many diferent ways. I believe this theme is very important to me because basketball has been there for me all of my life. Since I was little I usually always had a basketball in my hand almost destin for me to play. But that’s not the main reason why it’s such a big theme. The reason it’s such a big theme is because I had a a lot of life exsperienses playing basketball. Being on the team last and coach having high expsation I felt like I couldent handle the pressure and immaturity was a big reason why. Following that year in grade 12 I knew I had to mature and not play scared to be leader since I was a senior on the team. It was a chanllenge but with everything the more you practiced the more times you get better and as the season moved on I think I got a lot better. Basketball has taught me a lot about life I just thought it was a game before grade 12 season…. I was wroung it’s a lifestyle!


I hear cars driving. It’s in the early mourning with the sun out. There Is a cool breeze In the air. People walking in and out of school. People bike riding. . There’s a good atmosphere. It’s sunny with a chill mood. Cars pulling into the parking lot. 

It’s early in the mourning people on there phones it’s fairly chill for the most part. The mood is cheerful mood. People are smiling. Food is being made in the  kitchen.  constant cutting and making of food. A lot of chatter as their communicating

On the task to prepair as much food as they can. Kids dropping f bombs left and right. There’s tables and chairs. 

It’s quit you can hear the clicking of a mouse. Also a clicking on a keyboard. You can also hear utensils being used. Theirs tables and chairs. A lot of books on the shelf. Very quit you can hear the fans it’s so quit. It’s early in the mourning. People are usually writting or reading. It’s an relax atmosphere. 

Pa Skype with the kids

I thought skyping with the kids was great. It reminded me of how much fun being a kid really is. Barley any responsibility and recess meeting new friends and discovering new things it’s amazing that we all got the oppertunity to Skype with the grade 3 class and it’s okay to be difrent book. If I was in that grade 3 class I would of loved having older kids read a book and make up their own version of book especially a book like it’s okay to be difrent. It’s great connection not only for them but for us to. I only wished we had someon else in the havoc costume.

Best meal ever 

It has a bun nice and soft whole wheat or regular. Then a freshly prepared piece of ground beef. I’m not talking like you just got it from the store I’m talking you freshly prepare with eggs and flower to get some flavour on the ground beef. Then you cool it on the grill so it cooks really good. I also add a piece of chese melted on the ground beef. Once it’s all prepared you take a big bite out of the juicy tender soft piece of ground beef. It smells like a juicy cooked piece of meat. It sounds like a soft but really big chew when you have a lot in your mouth. I put ketchup to add that extra flavour. Now dessert when you take a first bite it’s soft jelly like bite. It taste like lemon but really sweet with cookie crums on the bottom. You can also add choclate chip. It does not have an instinct smell other then lemon and chocolate chip. But after the first bite you won’t regret it.